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Job No. 148609

  • Job Title:
  • Space Planner
  • Employer:
  • University of Idaho
  • Location:
  • Moscow , ID
  • Posting Date:
  • 24-Jan-2023
  • Description:
  • Position Overview
    Reporting to the Director of Architectural & Engineering Services, the Space Planner provides a wide range of services related to space planning, inventory, data collection and analysis, audits, space utilization and efficiencies, reporting and master planning related to the university’s space and facilities planning issues and program. Responsibilities include coordinating and maintaining the development of space inventory data; managing information to analyze current space and campus planning; making recommendations to integrate into the master plan, strategic plan, and facilities planning issues; working campus-wide to advise on reducing or optimizing facilities footprint through improved space utilization; surveying the use of classrooms, class laboratories and research space for space analysis of Academic and Research departments; working collaboratively with units to use space more efficiently; maintain and update the university’s space and facility inventory database; creating space utilization reports and submitting annual reports; conducting building audits to verify employee locations, furniture layout, and room configurations; and contributing positively to other priority planning initiatives of the university. The Space Planner works collaboratively and cooperatively with a wide range of individuals and groups from academic, administrative, and other support areas of the institution in developing feasible solutions to space-related needs.
    Unit Overview
    Architectural & Engineering Services (AES) provides the University of Idaho with a full range of services related to the planning, programming, design, document production, cost estimation, bidding, and construction observation of capital projects and maintenance, alteration and repair projects. In addition, AES, as part of Budget & Planning team, currently serves the University of Idaho by serving as the stewards of the university’s Long Range Capital Development Plan (LRCDP), providing capital planning and capital strategy services, the development of the annual request of the State of Idaho Permanent Building Fund, and maintaining the university’s Space Database.
    Funding This position is contingent upon the continuation of work and/or funding.
    A visa sponsorship is available for the position listed in this vacancy.
    Internal Posting?
    Position Responsibilities
    Key Accountability Providing leadership in the university’s objectives and efforts to optimize efficient space and facility resource utilization across the institution, both on the main campus in Moscow, Idaho, and at Research and Extension sites and centers State-wide by:
    Job Duties
    Identifying facility requirements, constraints, deficiencies, and opportunities for academic and administrative units.
    Collecting and assembling space and utilization data, academic unit profiles, strategic plans, and benchmark data from peer institutions.
    Providing analytical studies and summaries to determine existing and proposed space assignments and adequacy, utilization of space and efficiency of use of space in the context of the institution’s strategic plan as well as national guidelines and peer institution benchmarking.
    Coordinating the development of space inventory data.
    Conducting long-term space adequacy assessments and audits.
    Surveying the use of classrooms, class laboratories and research space for space analysis of Academic and Research departments.
    Maintaining and updating the Facilities and Space Inventory database.
    Creating site space utilization reports and submitting annual reports.
    Managing information to analyze current space and campus planning
    Making recommendations to integrate into the master plan, strategic plan, and facilities planning issues.
    Working institution-wide to advise on reducing or optimizing facilities footprint through improved space utilization, and work with units to use space more efficiently.
    Receiving and reviewing all requests for space assignment or modification and preparing written evaluation of program and schematic designs, as needed.
    Analyzing spatial arrangements.
    Making recommendations on long and short-term space assignments.
    Reviewing and approving diagrams and schematic floor plans of existing and proposed space arrangements.
    Assisting with the coordination of relocation efforts including signage, room numbering and programming of rooms/spaces
    Meeting with implementation teams for updates, and to provide direction and feedback.
    Serving as an expediter between units during project implementation.
    Key Accountability Provide professional assistance and coordination in planning, programming, assignment, and optimal utilization of universityUI space resources for new construction, renovations of space, and/or relocation of programs by:
    Job Duties
    Preparing space needs/utilization analyses for academic/administrative units, executive leadership, or external agencies.
    Identifying potential relocation opportunities and exploring various alternative/options.
    Preparing space assignment recommendations, working closely with the unit’s representative.
    Preparing planning studies that summarize needs/conditions and recommending alternative strategies and plans of action for new or renovated facilities.
    Providing data when needed and preparing reports that summarize needs/conditions strategies and implications for improvements/changes.
    Participating in multi-disciplinary committees/ad hoc groups related to facility plans.
    Providing other analytical summaries and studies to support institutional strategic plans as requested.
    Preparing written project programs and Project Planning Guides (PPG’s) with sections that outline project parameters including academic/administrative goals/objectives and architectural program requirements.
    Collaborating with units to establish a program scope aligned with institutional and unit-level strategic plans and negotiating logistics as requested.
    Conducting input sessions and meetings for user groups on space changes.
    Preparing detailed scope of work documentation with room layouts for approval by administration.
    Providing design consultation and expertise as requested.
    Facilitating between unit’s representative and other facilities organizations for effective implementation or program.
    Reviewing construction documents for compliance with the adopted program.
    Key Accountability Maintains and supports the effectiveness of the UI Long Range Campus Development Plan (LRCDP) and other institution-wide facility assessment processes by:
    Job Duties
    Conducting long term space adequacy assessments.
    Developing needs/capacity projections according to institutional strategic plan and initiatives.
    Characterizing space adequacies and analyzing build-out capabilities.
    Collecting, analyzing and summarizing information and capacity about space, land, utility, and transportation features and building resources
    Key Accountability Contribute to the team effort by:
    Job Duties
    Providing timely information and decision-support services within the organization.
    Attending meetings and assisting with outreach activities with internal and external stakeholders.
    Keeping the Director and peers informed on important issues, problems, and opportunities involved in space and facility planning.
    Developing capabilities and skills to deliver quality service.
    Increasing professional and technical knowledge.
    Providing professional, solution-oriented service to clients in a dependable and adaptable fashion.
    Working effectively both independently and as part of a team and accomplishing related results.
  •  Contact information:
  • University of Idaho
  • Moscow, ID 83844
  • United States
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